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Why Palm Springs?

Palm Springs Sunset

Palm Springs has a long history as a welcoming and accepting community. For decades, our city had been a destination for same-sex couples seeking an open and proud community to call home.


Nestled in the beautifully diverse, Coachella Valley, Palm Springs is surrounded by both a breathtaking landscape and charismatic community atmosphere. Palm Springs and its eight neighboring cities rest along side the towering San Jacinto Mountains, presenting a spectacular and often snow-capped backdrop to the lush oasis below. With well over 300 days of sunshine annually, anytime is a good time to plan a wedding and/or honeymoon in the gorgeous Coachella Valley.



Palm Springs Hotel

During the day, visitors can often be found at one of the region's world-class spa resorts or visiting our one of the many upscale shops and restaurants throughout the valley. And after the sun goes down, there is no shortage of entertainment—our guests enjoy nightlife unlike any other, making every experience one to remember.


Gay Couple
Lesbian Couple on Honeymoon

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